The Birth of the Legendary Chicken

I don’t even remember where I first heard about Hearthstone from. It was almost two years ago, right after it went into open Beta. I made a account for it, played a couple of games and quickly got bored. You see, I had never played Magic: the Gathering, Warcraft or hearthstone account World of Warcraft, and I still hearthstone boosting haven’t to this day. Hearthstone was a blend of games and concepts that were totally foreign to me, so I kinda dropped it.

In autumn of 2014 I picked it up again as I noticed the game was out of Beta, and this time I got hooked for a couple of months. I climbed hearthstone booster rank  with each hero to level 10, played hearthstone boost  a ton against the computer and grinded the quests. I learned the mechanics, the basic hearthstone accounts  concepts, aaand I got bored of the game once more.

This brings us to spring of last year. A good friend of mine started playing, and I noticed that Hearthstone was hearthstone boost now available for Android phones (just tablets at the time, hooray for .apk files!), which was a game changer for me. I’d been looking for a truly cross-platform game for months, and this was finally it. So that’s when I started playing Hearthstone seriously… kind of.

The Casual Days

So from March-April until December I played a lot of Hearthstone. Two friends of mine and I would bury our faces in our phones and just try out decks, try funky combos and just generally suck at the game. Even though I spent a lot of time actually playing, it was kind of like you listen to music: you’re doing it, but you’re not quite focused on it.

I played a lot of Mage, after getting introduced to Flamestrike and thinking it was the best card in the game. It can basically clean off a board full of minions, woah! Looking back on it, that was the only reason I chose mage, and I made a point of only playing it for months on end. As soon as better cards dropped, I swapped them with something in the existing deck. It would become something totally unrecognizable, and totally lacking a general purpose:





Flavor Text and Lore: Legends of Azeroth – Friends


Hello and welcome to yet another Flavor Text and Lore article. Stay a while… And read about the story and lore behind some of Hearthstone’s most notable Legendary cards.

This article is devoted to exploring the game and lore background behind some of the most  loved and hated neutral hearthstone booster rank legendary cards. Most of these are Classic cards, and aren’t usually played outside of arena, though they were once viable for constructed.

Over the course of several games and  expansions, the hearthstone boosting Warcraft universe has produced a  hearthstone account  veritable army of fan-favorite characters, some who have only reemerged since their original debut to make an appearance now, in Hearthstone.

Many Hearthstone Legendary foes are hearthstone boost simply named enemies that are a bit tougher to kill than their minions, but have little else behind them in terms of story or background. This is the case with legendaries like King Mukla, Old Murk-Eye, and even the dungeon  hearthstone accounts boss Bloodmage Thalnos. But some have a bit more content behind them.





Brawlers – Miniature Warfare

Hi Brawlers! Last week we had a very fun Tavern Brawl with premade decks. If you didn’t read it and want to know what was going on, you can find the article here.

I played lots of games hearthstone boost with the first three classes but I enjoyed the most playing Mage. Long games getting advantage piece by piece, with hearthstone booster rank cards like Ethereal Conjurer or Echo of Medivh, until I had so much advantage that the enemy had tu surrender.

But let’s move to current rule. A very interesting one I would say. Now I can play Grommash Hellscream the first turn!

Rule of the Week

“That pesky Shrinkmeister turned all your Hearthstone cards into toys! Now all your minions are 1/1 and only cost (1) mana!”

Hey, give me my money back! That’s not Grommash, that’s an Angry Chickenwith rush!

I’m afraid this is not your Brawl, Grommash, but it’ll be the rule for lots of big minions with fancy effects. So explore all hearthstone accounts your “undusted” legendaries, maybe it’s their moment…

Rule is simple, all minions will be 1/1 and will cost (1). It’s good to know that minions abilities will stay there. And that’s the important thing. But let’s now explain specific situations because there hearthstone account are lots of “What if…” questions on the table.

What if I summon a creature through a spell/Battlecry effect? Sorry, it won’t work. The summoned minions will be 1/1.

What if a deathrattle minion like Sludge Belcher dies? You’ll receive a 1/1 creature. In this case it will have Taunt.

What if I use Recombobulator? You’ll receive a new creature of the originalcost of the minion you’ve transformed, but it will be a 1/1.

What if I buff a minion hearthstone boost  with spells like Blessing of Kings? Good one! You’ll now have a 5/5 ready to kill lots of opponent minions.

What if I play Wailing Soul? Again, it hearthstone boosting  won’t work. Silence effects won’t remove the overall rule that applies to minions when they’re on board. Anyway, Silence effects are still useful as they’ll remove other abilities or buffs minions have. And yes, if you use Earth Shock on a buffed minion, it will die.

What if I play Shade of Naxxramas? You will have played a 1/1 Stealth creature that will get +1/+1 every turn so yes, it works!

Clear? Then let’s move on!

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